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Cologny, Fondation Martin Bodmer, Cod. Bodmer 43

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Swiss Medieval Manuscripts
Fondation Martin Bodmer
Manuscript Identifier:
Cod. Bodmer 43
Manuscript Title:
The Prose Brut (also called The Chronicles of London), A unique Prose Paraphrase of Robert of Gloucester's Metrical Chronicle
Origin Date:
15th century
Middle English, Southeast Midlands dialect
27.0 x 19.0 cm
Names of several owners in 16th-century hands appear; portions which have been obscured mainly by cropping are underlined: Christopher Greathett and John Hales, Hales Place (at Hackington, near Canterbury, p. 5), Barnabe Holbey (possibly Holbech, p. 9), Barnabe (p. 156), Barnabe (erased but legible, p. 157), John Greathett, Parkwood in, ? knau , known by me, Bartholomew Hales (Bartholomew appears to overwrite Barnabe, p. 207). On a slip inserted in the MS someone has traced some of these names (probably from DNB): Hales Place is at Hackington, a suburb of Canterbury Sir Chrisdtopher Hales d. 1541, master of the rolls, MP Canterbury 1523, Solliciter-general 1525, justice of assizes, 1532, conducted proceedings against More, Fisher and Anne Boleyn, 1535. Granted Church lands in Kent.
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