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Lund, Lund University Library, Medeltidshandskrift 7

Lund Medieval Manuscripts
Lund University Library
Manuscript Identifier:
Medeltidshandskrift 7
Manuscript Title:
Martyrology of Ado, for use in the Cathedral of Lund
Origin Date:
12th-15th century (1140 c.-1410 c.)
There is a note in the lower margin of f. 8r: Hunc Antiquitatum Ecclesiasticarum librum a Praeposito b. mem. Nomarchiae Wepmanhogensis et Pastore Ecclesi. Kielstrupensis, Mag. Michaele Arenkilo, sibi ante multos annos donatum, Bibliothecae publicae Academiae Carolinae in sui memoriam bona intentione dicavit. Londini S. Goth. die XXII Octob. A. MDCCIX. Jonas Linnerius, S. Theol. in Acad. Car. Prof. Pr. et past. Eccles. Cathedr. Arenkil died in 1698. It is unknown where the book was between the beginning of the 15th century, when it was no longer used, and the 17th century when it came into the property of Arenkil. It was seemingly not in the Cathedral when in 1578 Magnus Matthiae wrote his Episcoporum ecclesiae Lundensis series because he has not seen it and does not even know about it. He used instead the Liber daticus recentior. In the upper margin of the same leaf there is an intertwined I and L and below: A. 1709 d. 22 Oct. in the same hand as the note, probably Linnerius'.
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