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Cambridge, Corpus Christi College, Parker Library, CCCC MS 66A

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Parker Medieval Manuscripts
Corpus Christi College
Parker Library
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Jacques de Vitry, Historia orientalis. Willelmus de Rubruk OFM, Itinerarium ad partes orientales. pseudo-John of Damascus, Barlaam et Iosaphat
Origin Date:
xii (xiii?) and xiv
Latin, Anglo-Norman and English.
11.7 x 8.2
p. 115 blank, on p. 116 list of contents (xvi) and also a piece of parchment pasted on inscribed (xiv-xv): J. 90. Liber de communitate monachorum Sancti Edmundi in quo subscripta continentur. List of contents (9-24). The MS. Ff. I. 27 in the University Library, given by Archbishop Parker, contains (Art. 19-29) the latter part of this volume. James provides a full listing of the contents for two manuscripts, one from Sawley and one from Bury St. Edmunds, each of which had been split in half and rebound - the first half of the Sawley with the first half of the Bury, second half of Sawley with second half of Bury - into MS 66 and Cambridge University Library Ff. 1. 27 respectively. James' MS 66 has since been separated again (rebound in 1954 by John Gray) so that James' Volume I (the Sawley portion) is now MS 66 and James' Volume II (the Bury portion) is now MS 66A. James lists the following contents for the complete Bury MS., which is currently divided between MS 66A and CUL Ff. 1. 27: CCC 66 (now CCCC MS 66A): Jacobus de VitriacoWillelmus RubrucJourney of MacariusImago mundi Liber IPrester JohnJohannes de Sacro bosco de spheraBarlaam and JosaphatImago mundi Liber IIStory of the CrossFrench poem thereonInfancy of Christ. French verseTracts on the Holy LandStories of Pilate and JudasMiraclespseudo-MethodiusULC Ff. I 27:Giraldus Cambrensis Descriptio HiberniaeGiraldus Cambrensis Vaticinalis historiaLife of PatrickGiraldus Cambrensis Descriptio Cambriae (xvi)PropheciesGiraldus Cambrensis Itinerarium CambriaePatrick's PurgatoryExtract from Chronicle of SigebertProphecy of MerlinLife of St DavidGaufredus de Fontibus (xv) de infantia Sancti Edmundi For the complete list of contents given by James for both manuscripts, please see the following figure:
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